BIG year for Blitzhund art, there are so many pictures here. Sorted from oldest to newest as usual.

This same image from 2014 but made HUGE and crunkled to hell because I was playing around with hex editing.

Really loved animating eyes specifically back then.

This one is called "w/ legs" which kinda suggests that I just, didn't draw the back legs originally when I made this?? Not sure that's a very good animation workflow lol

Icon to link back to his petpage on neopets. A few months after making it I went back and recolored his accent color to be lighter.

I remember spending forever on this and then being like hmmmmm. No. *abandons for all eternity*

Drawn on a 14 hour car ride back from a vacation when I heard that Obama legalized gay marraige. Fucking bananas to think it was only in 2015. Also Horace does like Blitzhund, he's just bashful when it comes to romance.

Oops this isn't art! This is a screenshot from my petpage for Blitzhund back then. Looks like I was having trouble bringing it all together. I'm bad about saving my writing, but you can see some of the old ideas I had for him back then.

The icons are clearly made from this picture, but this picture further down from them? Mystery..... WAIT its cause I changed the colors on it, duh lol.

Redesigning his eyes. You know how it is.

Pretty sure I drew the full body of this silly little redesign, but its not saved anywhere.

This yellow Blitz might actually be from 2014? Not sure.

This Blitzhund with the "inverted" colors is Clone Blitzhund. I was going through gender issues at this time and processed it with this other Blitzhund who was the mirror reflection of the original who he was aware of and who was born male instead of having to transition to it. Planned on making a tiny visual novel w/ this but never did.

Okay its coming back to me more. I think it was about transitioning actually. Original Blitzhund was closted trans and Clone was transitioning.... Obviously I was having a lot of thoughts about the act of transitioning back then. There was another game idea except you would play as Copper who took the role of Clone Blitzhund's cat. You would hop around his apartment doing cat things and hear the radio and sound clips of CB talking to himself and on the phone to get hints at what was happening.

Take a look at that hand drawn gradient! this one also has a super extended version for making it the background for my neopets userlookup.

Finishing off this page with the finished Blitzhund plushie. It was finished in early 2016; was a bit slower at sewing back then! Also didn't ever prototype plushies, so it would always be a surprise when I finally finished sewing and stuffed them up. He was made with very very cheap faux fur. I'd never use fur like that today, but back then I was just excited to see something other than fleece in his colors.