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The first Blitzhund.... Heart shaped glasses, what more do you need? He was a bit of a womanizer at this point. I didn't really know what I wanted besides a new design for a pet on neo; definetly didn't know he would turn out to be gay at this point lol.

This gif 100% kills me. Why are there only two framessssssss

I was REALLY into the "major tom cinematic universe this year. Meaning that I listed to "Space Oddity" one too many times and then started connecting it to other songs like Comfortably Numb and Calling Home and Ticket to the Moon. It was a whole mess of songs that probably aren't actually linked together, but oh boy was I invested in this fake little astronaut story.

Blitzhund at this point was part of a story about AIs living in a computer system. His program was prematurly launched and missing code or - WAIT no I remember what happened. The project he was made for was cancelled, but nobody bothered to cancel the automated launch for him and nobody noticed when he got a major bug on day 1. So he got all these glitch effects n stuff all over him. They're actually supposed to be like broken polygons? Like in old 3D games when they glitch up, but I couldn't rly think of how to draw that in a satisfying way so his glitches came out like this instead.