Hi I'm Blitzhund!!!

2/7/2022 - The background of this site has been like. Okay. I like the gif but it is not PINK enough!! Now it should be much more pink lol. Also added 2015 to the art page. Wanted to add more but 2015 ended up having muuuuch more art than I expected and I had to dig through old accounts to find the final picture in it.
1/24/2022 - Added this little update box and the first link trade for this site ~ Not sure its working right LOL. Also added a "prehistory" section to the art page.

Blitzhund is a very cool dog. He is gay and trans and maybe full of snake? Not sure. You can ask him, I guess... Oh, not right now of course. He's busy playing, I mean- he's busy watching, a movie! yeah, that's it. Very busy.

Here's what he looks like. If you wanted to be sure that you got the right guy.